Over the past several months, 3D PT has partnered with local healthcare providers to provide sports physicals to more than 400 local student athletes in Adrian, Morenci, Sand Creek and Tecumseh. In addition to ensuring that the athletes were ready to participate in their athletic activities, 3D PT was able to donate more than 170 volunteer hours during the clinics offering sports physicals and over $4,000 to support the athletic departments at schools in these communities.

The sports physicals clinics were held May 19 in Morenci, June 6 in Adrian and June 13 in Tecumseh. In addition to the volunteers from 3D PT’s athletic training team, local healthcare professionals also donated over 52 hours to provide sports physicals to student athletes.

“3D PT is dedicated to making a positive impact locally, nationally and globally by giving back through volunteerism, financial support and partnerships,” said Jessica Chesser, MSPT, FAFS, 3DMAPS. “We are proud to be able to put this into practice, joining with our fellow healthcare providers to support our local student athletes and schools.”

3D PT would like to thank these professionals for their service to our community and support of our sports physicals clinics:

Medical Providers:

Drew Cunningham, MD

Michael Diment, MD

Daniel Doman, DO

Riccardo Giovannone, DO

Aron Gornowitz, DO

William Gray, MD

Shawn Hendershot, PA-C

Lisa Suing, NP

Kelsey Perry, PA-C

Erin Riley, PA-C

Kristie Jones, PA-C

Heidi Borucki, PA-C

Medical Assistants:

Trisha Blumerick

Penny Darm

Lynia Ryan

Charlotte Warnke

Thanks also go to many more volunteer parents and friends who assisted during the clinics.

In addition to the sports physicals, 3D PT is currently providing strength and conditioning programs for local sports teams.