We are pleased to announce that our fourth clinic will open on Monday, August 14 at 225 South Main Street in Brooklyn, Michigan. In addition to 3D PT, the clinic building is home to other businesses offering wellness solutions including a chiropractic clinic and an area for fitness and wellness classes.

Our Brooklyn Clinic Director is Kelli Ripple, a physical therapist certified in mechanical diagnosis and therapy. The clinic’s Front Office Coordinator is Brooklyn, Michigan resident Samantha Hubbard. More information about the 3D PT team can be found here.

3D PT is independently owned by Onsted native Bill Chesser, his wife Jessica Chesser, MSPT, FAFS, 3DMAPS, and Jonathan Parker, MS, PT, FAFS, GPS. Jessica Chesser and Jonathan Parker have both worked as physical therapists in Brooklyn, Michigan.

“We are excited to bring 3D PT’s patient-focused care to the Brooklyn community,” said Bill Chesser. “In addition to comprehensive physical therapy services and the bene?ts of our three-dimensional approach to restoring functional movement, we plan to provide the community with additional wellness options including fitness classes and educational programming.”

3D PT is offering free physical therapy screens to all members of the Brooklyn community. Appointments can be made by calling the clinic at (517) 938-5980.