It’s a proven fact: exercise is great for your mental health—no matter what age you are. Research has also shown that group exercise classes may enrich mental well-being even more than physical activity done alone. This is an especially important finding for older adults, who may feel isolated or lonely if they live by themselves or far away from family.

A recent study published in the Journal of the American Osteopathic Association correlated group exercise class participation with fewer feelings of stress and loneliness and greater physical, emotional and mental health benefits. The study compared these feelings and outcomes among participants who exercised alone or did not exercise at all with those who exercised with others in a group class setting. This suggests that the social atmosphere of group exercise classes may further enhance the other well-documented benefits of physical activity.

To help our local senior citizens and residents of all ages in our community experience all of the benefits of being physically active in a group setting, 3D FIT offers a variety of group exercise classes at our physical therapy clinics in Michigan including Adrian, Tecumseh and at Brookdale Senior Living including:

  • Stretch & Breathe – This 50-minute class is a pre-yoga offering designed for those who would like to increase flexibility and motion, improve posture, and learn relaxation and breathing techniques for stress management and for improved overall health.
  • Balance, Balance, Balance – This class is designed to help participants regain their balance with moves created by our physical therapists and athletic trainer to improve stability and increase confidence with everyday activities—including changes of direction. The class also includes opportunities to learn safer fall and recovery strategies.
  • Circuit Training – This is a higher level course offering for those 55 and older featuring high-intensity interval training as well as forced high-intensity training all set to upbeat, fun music. This class is designed and progressed under the direction of physical therapists and athletic trainer, to keep participants moving!

These group fitness classes are ideal for adults of any age. The positive and inclusive social environment of 3D FIT classes may be particularly beneficial for senior citizens who are looking to improve their physical health while also expanding their friendships. Learn more about these group class offerings here.