David Finnegan, a 78-year old Tecumseh resident was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease several years ago, but he is dedicated to improving his health despite his diagnosis.


When David first came into our Tecumseh clinic, David walked with a cane, his head protruded forward and he was looking downward, walking with slow, shuffled steps and small turns, with episodes of freezing in motion. After only 2 to 3 weeks of participating in our 3D FIT classes, he noticed longer strides, significant improvement in balance and posture, and the ability to walk safely without a cane for short distances.


After six weeks of participating in our 3D Fit Combined Circuit/Balance and Stretch and Breathe Classes at our Tecumseh clinic, David’s reassessment showed:


  • An overall 35.8 percent improvement in lower extremity balance lunge.
  • An incredible improvement in tandem standing of 350 percent
  • A self-assessed fall risk decrease of 3 points, putting him much closer to the low fall risk rating.
  • An improvement from 0 to 5 on his 30-second chair stand without using his arms.
  • A decrease of 6.2 seconds in his timed “up and go” test.

David has worked hard and pushed himself to try new and challenging exercises, and is noticing the benefits of improved balance, posture, overall health.  Congratulations on your hard work!

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